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She was Once
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the new blogger in blogger...
Written at 4:08 PM on Wednesday, May 30, 2007 1 comment(s)

today,i would like to introduce a new blogger in blogger..that person would be me...all this while,i've been blogging in my friendster blog but now,i would like to "move house" and i would like to move over to Blogger...hmmm....i will probably still blog in friendster every once in a while..but i probably would make Blogger my main blog now...today is the first post i post in Blogger...but there's really nothing much for me to post today except that i kept in touch with one of my long lost friend today...her name is phey shan and there's also another girl which is also her sister...even though they are of different ages but they are in the same year..get what i mean??well,i' just glad to still be able to keep in touch with her...well,envy envy them for being able to go to melbourne to continue their studies after SPM..i wonder will i ever be able to go to other country to continue my studies??and i finally finish my LAW paper 2 of AS level..but i still dono my results yet..hopefully i did well..