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She was Once
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Happy times are always short
Written at 10:38 AM on Friday, September 9, 2011 0 comment(s)

Waiting to go to KL soon... Just came back from UK and a shorter still trip to Indonesia .... Can't believe I'm going to have to start school again soon... And it's so annoying that I have to take CLP before I start working... Why can't this be easier?!?! Was suppose to go look at the new house( the place I'm moving in when I'm in KL) yesterday but felt really heavy hearted to leave Penang... Comparing UK and Penang to KL... For sure UK is no fight as the distance is certainly further away... ATC Is offering the first year of CLP this year, but I was to chicken to go try it out... Besides, me being such a lazy person, knowing going to somewhere that doesn't spoon feed me is a no-no...

Anyways, mumzie's fetching me to KL today and my 918372645 stuffs down... Lol... And what's even lol-er is that I'm coming home with her on Sunday as there won't be any classes on weekdays for two weeks hence, my class will only be on Saturday and Sunday this week... *happy*

Location:Lorong Sepakat 2,Bukit Mertajam,Malaysia