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She was Once
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Experience with Ryan Air.... AGAIN!!!
Written at 5:37 PM on Saturday, July 30, 2011 0 comment(s)

Not gonna be posting a long post this time around... Got to Munich last night and was frigging annoyed as I was flying with Ryan Air... It's a low cost airline around EU countries and it's kinda like AirAsia in Malaysia... Anyways, was going through the security check in where they rampage through everyone's bag and they stupidly not put things back.... They list my contact lens case which was really annoying because I don't know where to keep them
Now and guess what, I just used a glass last night!!!!

Anyways, chilling out at Starbucks at Munich's rail station....

PS: this morning's breakfast was awesome with over 50 kinds of cheese!!!!

And a billion choices of drinks and yoghurt and fruits....

Shall update more soon... Gonna catch a train to Salzburg... Toodles!!!




Those first few nights
Written at 4:28 AM on Friday, July 29, 2011 0 comment(s)

My dad's been here for a few days now and our real holiday began on 25th July 2011 when we went to Bath and Stonehenge for the fourth time... I know.. Lifeless right? Well, somehow... Those stones and the serenity of the place never fails me...

Yea... Me dad and the world famous Sally Lunn's Bun... But seriously... Don't find anything special about it and it cost frigging £1.60 , and it just taste like those bun that you could find on those Indian bread vendors on the bike... Which would just the most cost u RM 1...

Anyways, after a very very tiring day(stayed up all night doing my frigging coursework), it's off to Manchester... No one would fail to notice Old Trafford once anyone mentions Manchester...

Was too near when I snapped this photo... And I even got to go in to the player's changing room and stuff... Should have smelt the seats... Haha... Might get some farts out of it ....

I know this might seem weird but the one place I like most in Manchester was the bathroon in Ashton House where I stayed...

The transparent door

The FM radio

The shower for your feet

The vanity mirror

The LED lighting and top shower

Jacuzzi for the back

Anyways, spent two nights in Manchester and this morning, got a bus down to London....

Well, might all seems fun and well, it is but I had to wake up really early all the time and I'm such NOT a morning person....

Well, it's 9 27pm... Guess that's my bed time if I want to get up at 5am...



When I'm bored
Written at 1:23 PM on Wednesday, July 20, 2011 0 comment(s)

Just finishes making some paper butterflies... Gonna stick
them on my make up when I'm going out clubbing but for now, they're just gonna stay here looking pretty...


Location:Trendlewood Park,Bristol,United Kingdom



Life as it is
Written at 12:14 AM on 0 comment(s)

Waking up every morning feeling like life pass me by so fast... Feeling like I have not done enough the day before or maybe done too much... But we have 24 hours in a day... It seems so much by why do we always feel like we need more time? It is true when they say "we always want more than we can get"....

Carpe Diem

If time is of the essence

then I am essentless

I don’t even know what this means

See that’s what happens when you waste time you become ignorant

Constantly procrastinating

See people only count on me to put off till next

Each time

I’m pretty much the opposite if carpe diem

I barely see the day let alone seize the day

Blindly searching for where the day went

And it seems time is faster than me because it keeps passing me by


I don’t know I’ll find out tomorrow

But little did I know death has it’s appointment with me tomorrow

So I don’t have tomorrow I only have today

And I say time must be faster than me

Time must be faster than me because it keeps passing me by

Just as life has

We don’t know how much time we have

So I say carpe diem people carpe diem

To seize the day because

Everyday is precious

Every moment is sacred

And every second should be spent doing what you love and improving self

Terrence T. Carter

Location:Thingwall Park,Bristol,United Kingdom



On days like this
Written at 10:30 AM on Monday, July 18, 2011 0 comment(s)

Was cleaning out my make up box and on days like this, when u see something like ,

It probably means I have too much make up left and I'm trying to throw away those expired ones.... Wondering how much things I would have to throw away when I pack for home ?!?!


Location:Thingwall Park,Bristol,United Kingdom



hooked on Technology
Written at 2:14 AM on 0 comment(s)

The internet connection at home just got " hence, I got a T-Mobile broadband in place for it....
though it does look awfully cute but seriously, the connection sucks.. that is compared to the internet I use to get from Virgin Media.. I did try to get another contract with Virgin Media but unfortunately, they don't do monthly nor daily contract.... which is a bummer.... and I finished up all my 3GB of connection on the T-Mobile in just one day.... but it was a pretty good deal as they have this fair usage policy which they would give you all the connection they could allow for what you bought and if you exceed it, they wouldn't cut you off but just no surfing for videos and stuff that uses heavy connection but they specifically said, Facebook and Ebay can still be used.....

well, Technology has officially took over my life and I am ashamed to admit that I might not be able to live without it..... hooked on u....



iOS 5
Written at 7:56 AM on Sunday, July 17, 2011 0 comment(s)

can't wait, can't wait, can't wait......

the almost-out-soon iOS5 will be offering imessage... something similar to that of BlackBerry Messenger only cooler because it's on Apple products....


Earlier this week, Apple announced at its Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco that its new iMessage feature that will be baked into the latest version of iOS software due later this year, will offer a similar messaging service that Research In Motion's BBM service offers.

In addition to seeing when and if messages have been received, just like BBM, iMessage will also work over the wireless data network and it will allow subscribers to avoid text-messaging fees.

In this week's Ask Maggie, I explain how the new feature will work, and whether the new iOS 5 will also make it easier to message Google Android users in the same way

iPhone 5 will be released in Autumn, probably around September... Had been contemplating whether to get the iPhone 5 or an iPad 2 or just to go for the iPod Classic.... well, guess what... I'm still contemplating... My parents are gonna kill me if they think I even have this thought in my head.. Probably gonna say I'm wasting $$ and all and, they're probably right.. Besides, September is not gonna come that soon...hehe!!!

http://crave.cnet.co.uk/mobiles/iphone-5-complete-guide-50003119/ <---- complete guide to iPhone 5



ATC or Brickfields
Written at 10:32 AM on Friday, July 15, 2011 0 comment(s)

Just found out today that ATC Penang will be offering CLP for the first time this year... Have no idea whether to go back to Penang to take CLP or just to take it at Brickfields? It's cheaper at ATC and besides, I'll be able to stay close to home... But everyone else will be going off to Brickfields... Everyone else that I know of at least.... Decisions, decisions, decisions.... Anyone with any good advice?


Location:Thingwall Park,Bristol,United Kingdom



Back with Word Press
Written at 10:12 AM on Thursday, July 14, 2011 0 comment(s)

I'm back with Word Press... The frigging app cost me £1.99.... But apparently it's really good .... And besides... I haven't been blogging much so this should push a few buttons.... well... Not much to talk about now but will keep u guys posted...

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