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She was Once
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relationship's ups and downs
Written at 5:19 AM on Friday, September 18, 2009 0 comment(s)

was talking bout relationships in the car just now and all of a sudden, it became a really hot topic and made me realize how humans are just like that basically....

basically, what a girl wants in a relationship is for them to be love and cared by, seeing how perfect guys who are caring and loyal and the plus point of being good looking is partially extinct, thus of course looks doesn't really matter or so says lots of girls (maybe to console themselves of the envy). but to my understanding, human in nature can never be fully happy with what they have. that's why i do envy those who can have long term relationship and can still have the "fire" that one feel during the three months when the relationship just started.

when we were complaining about guys, one of my single friend made a comment that since there's not really anything good that happen once the "fire" gets less aggressive, what's the point of being in a relationship then? and why is it that people needs to be in a relationship?is it the touch and care that one need or is it the constant love that one feels that made people think that somehow,being in a relationship is magical? to me, being in love is much more important then being in a relationship but somehow, once one start loving someone, the next move is the be in a relationship. see how strange and odd the circle of life is?


love and relationship must be an entertainment in life but well some people are afraid to fall in love seeing as how trusting someone with one's heart could clearly caused heartache and pain. thus, came the creation of FUN. that's a full proof plan of having love and not ending up hurt....anyways, there's always pros and cons to everything earth and sometimes, it seems life ain't worth living....