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Happy Chinese New Year
Written at 12:25 PM on Saturday, February 5, 2011 0 comment(s)

I know I should have talk about Chinese New Year like 4 days ago but it was just too hard to do it.... It's just a strange feeling not being able to celebrate it with your love ones back home... Even with all the noise and activities that one has, the noise and cheerfulness of those surrounding one would just not be the same when you're not with your love ones... I did try to make myself busy for the past few nights which was great but once you're awake, the loneliness creeps back into your heart, thus for the weekend, I vow not to go out but just to stay in or just go out for walks... Don't even feel like it's Chinese New Year... Not only am I missing out on the gambling, the steamboat, the Yee Sang but most importantly, my ANG POWS!!!! ok la... That's not really important.... *pressing my heart when I say this*

But I'm seriously thankful that I do have friend's around... Well, some are really great for at least thinking about me when they go out but some who just shows you their true colours when you're down.... At least some friends ate coming over tomorrow... Can't wait!!!!