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She was Once
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a birthday cum farewell party
Written at 2:22 PM on Friday, June 15, 2007 0 comment(s)

tomorrow my friend will be having a farewell cum party...what should i get a person who will be going away and also having a birthday as well?should get how many presents?can don't give presents?hmmm....later I'll be visiting my mui coz very long din c her d...wonder how is she??these few days my car has been infested by ants...he he!!!too sweet...i had to kill all of them..ha ha!!!(evil laughter)well,i do feel pity for them but there are just too many of them...coz i park my car beside the dog pound and got lots of ants there..i wish i have an ant eater...wa...den he must be very full....well,i think i killed around 1000 ants...how sinful....really have to clean clean a bit d that place...well,today not much activities lo..no one wanna pei me..ha ha!!I'm so friend-less....now gotta finish preparing the present..hmm....