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She was Once
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feeling down and a lil' hungry..
Written at 1:57 AM on Thursday, June 28, 2007 0 comment(s)

hmmm...feeling really down after sms-ing someone...well,after that i "visited" phey shan's blog...her blog somehow always makes me feel hungry....hmm...she's got lots of delicacies photo...hmmm...yummy yummy...oh..pardon me..the glutton side of me is out again..wahaha!!can't really blame me though...i ate my dinner around 4 sumting and after that nothing else d ...hmm..well,tomorrow class will be at 8....gotta wake up around 6 and I'm still not sleeping yet!!i should get my butt to bed...well,physically,I'm on my bed d...just can't sleep...maybe I'm still not used to this bed after sleeping on my comfy bed back home for 2 weeks ++...can't wait to get home during august but i know that when august comes,I'll be getting my results and it is either I'll be going back home with a smiley face or a sad face..and when i do get home in august,i can't play all that much because the mock exam is directly after my trip back here...I'll be coming back on Sunday and the test will then be on the following day...scary....so rush...after the mock exam then I'll be having my A2 exam after a few months..why do i keep talking bout my exams and release of my results all the time..worry myself silly...well,at least weekend is something i can look forward to back in college...