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She was Once
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he decided to...
Written at 12:37 AM on Wednesday, June 27, 2007 0 comment(s)

he decided to let me go..because he's afraid of what the future might be...sometimes,i wonder..what love really is?must it exist to continue life?but i like the feeling of being loved and loving someone so much...it really drives me crazy....without love,i won't be able to feel all the wonderful feelings have for my friends and family...but,when you feel frighten to take the first step forward,you are giving yourself more chances to let me go...why did you decide on that decision...do you think we don't know each other that well yet?maybe you are right to take this decision...maybe we should see what happens in future...no matter what,i will not deny that i do have feelings for you..right here,right now...i hope you do too....