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She was Once
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a love found,lost but not forgotten...
Written at 1:25 PM on Saturday, June 2, 2007 0 comment(s)

recently,i saw my ex and i saw him holding another girl's hand...i dono what i was thinking but it felt like a lot of things were going through my head...i've let him go and i thought i've moved on...but seeing him being with another girl somehow made me felt sad..actually,i should be happy for him..shouldn't i??i should be happy that he has found his other half..but why the envious feeling??is it probably because i'm sad seeing him being happy and i'm not??what should i do?i really don't wanna be who i am now and feel those things i'm feeling now..being envious can sometimes make u selfish and somehow it will eats into your soul making you think and do things that you don't want...i know as a human,i can't always have everything i want...maybe when i see others having what i don't i felt sad..i should just appreciate all that i have now..at least i'm better off with something then having nothing at all...i guess i should just wish him all the best and i'm glad that he has had found him happiness...i hope i will find mine too one day...this kinda felt like the Paula DeAnda's song-walk away...