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She was Once
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Written at 1:58 PM on Wednesday, June 6, 2007 0 comment(s)

recently,i got addicted to McD=.= weird rite..which kinda made me remember an incident which happened when i went back for Chinese new year..that time i went to McD with my bf and i wanted to buy McFlurry...i was queuing up behind a woman and two of her kids..i think those kids are just around 5-6 years old and they wanted to eat so many things and well,not trying to be insulting but i think the woman's kinda poor...I'm really not insulting her because i think I'm just pretty OK off myself..not rich and not that poor just kinda poor...well,the woman did not thought much of the service tax and the government tax..and well,she bought two McValue meal for the two kids because they were making so much noise and she ended up not having enough money to pay for the meal..she took out RM10 and she asked the waitress what she could get for the RM10 that she has?well,her purse is kinda empty..and her purse is not those LV or purse which rich people have..her purse is those which people buy gold and those people in the gold shop would put the gold box in those small purse...well,i already felt pity enough for her seeing that she doesn't have enough money to pay for the two McValue meal and that stupid waitress looked at the woman as if she's never seen a poor woman and she was getting annoyed...she's just a waitress which was part of her job to serve who-so-ever that was in line and was trying to get an order..it's not like the woman purposely did not want to have money to buy all the McD for her kids...it's just because she doesn't have enough money for it..i hate it when people look down on poor people...especially just a stupid little waitress...i have had a good mind to report the waitress to the manager but i didn't want to make a big deal out of it..and besides,it's not really good to interfere with other people's business..they might not appreciate it and end up being against you...well,i just hope i won't ever be the one which the waitress look down upon..why does the world revolve around money??oh,FYI,i ended up not getting my McFlurry because i couldn't stand the waitress's attitude...and after seeing her attitude,i ended up being not that hungry...