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She was Once
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me in the morning
Written at 5:42 AM on Sunday, June 3, 2007 0 comment(s)

friendster is having it's maintenance and i won't be able to log in to it for a short period of time..i can't sleep and i don't have the mood to study...why?i totally have no idea..i shouldn't be this way..i know but i somehow just won't feel tired and my room is sorta like an oven only no matter how it roast me,i won't cook...haha!i kinda miss home right now..kinda miss my daddy and mummy,kinda miss my room and my dolls..kinda miss just laying back instead of having so many exams....kinda just miss everything back home...I'm such a "sulker"...yesterday,everyone kept talking bout dolphins and Japanese people..it seems that Japanese people somehow torture dolphins and then killed them...felt kinda pity for those dolphins seeing that they are so cute and i wonder how those people could just cut up a cute dolphins and see them suffer like that?don't they feel pity?and dolphins are on the edge of extinction..not really but if it keeps going on like that..the dolphins won't be able to produce half as fast as the people are eating them...well,i kinda hope to sorta eat up the people who are eating those dolphins...if it's not illegal to kill,i think i would first start by torturing his family members den slowly cut a wound and then marinate the flesh with salt..not only will this cause pain to those people but i guess it would taste better too...den maybe i won't eat that man and he'll feel guilty for torturing the dolphins because the dolphins are just like them..might be a father,mother or even a son or daughter...i guess,every action and decision you make will have it's own consequences and we should take full responsibility for our act...i guess I'm really pathetic in the morning...hmmm...must be too hungry...haha!