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She was Once
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my toilet experience...
Written at 2:30 AM on Thursday, June 28, 2007 0 comment(s)

why do people go to toilet and not close the door?just now i went to the toilet and i tried going into my favourite toilet(the cleanest one) and when i pushed the door,it wasn't locked and maybe because i had been keeping it in for a short time,it was almost bursting,so maybe i did pushed the door a little too hard and when i did that,i kinda startled the girl and one of her leg went into the "ma tong"(toilet bowl)...eww,dono before that she was doing big or small business..well,i just apologized and went to the next door toilet....dono should i be the one who's feeling shy or should it be her..a lesson to be learn...do close the toilet door when you decide to used it no matter to do big or small...