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She was Once
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a sick friend
Written at 12:47 AM on Friday, June 15, 2007 0 comment(s)

i went to visit a sick friend of mine in hospital..she was admitted for gastric...so kids,do not on diet and get gastric....so pitiful...keep on blek blek blek(vomit)...and sumore pain till cry....hehe!!!just eat three meals a day and exercise normally if u wanna be slim and have a tone body...better den suffering like her....well,i hope she will get well soon...seeing her suffering make me feel so pity for her...well,at least she has her bf there for her..when me n a friend of mine left,her bf came...how sweet...if me...even if i do die,no one would care for me....i admitted to a friend of mine that i had a crush on sumone and she don't believe me..how come when i tell the truth no one belives me..haha...probably coz it's not really love..it's just my silly little crush in my silly little world where true love had never existed...hopefully one day lo...one day,i will be able to find the right man if not woman...haha!!!