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She was Once
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A sigh of relief
Written at 12:53 PM on Friday, June 8, 2007 0 comment(s)

Today i just finish my last paper for my AS examination...fwuu...felt so relief but somehow,i felt really frightened that i might not answer well...whatever the outcome,i've done my best and i'll just have to wait for the result to come out..till then,i just have to continue my life just as it it...my A2 will be here soon and that will be another challenge for me to face...i'm afraid to face it because as to what i know,it's really difficult...everyone seems really excited to be going home today..too bad i'll have to wait till tomorrow to reach home...miss home so much...too bad,i'll have to over night at LCCT..like a beggar....wuu wuu..too bad too bad..hopefully they have power adapter there so that i can online for a few hours..haha!!!and i can finish up my prison break...well,right now i wanna go pack up my things so i'll be ready later..toodelus...