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She was Once
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the four hours in between
Written at 11:06 AM on Wednesday, July 4, 2007 0 comment(s)

i'm now having my fours hours break in between classes...today for brunch,i had nasi lemak in the bakery...in the nasi lemak,there is a piece of chicken,some peanuts,two slices of cucumbers and a keropok which you usually see in indian food...well,i cleaned my plate as usual seeing that i am the "tam chiak po" i always am...as usual,carly didn't eat her cucumber and abby too...guess what's abby's excuse for not eating her cucumber and peanuts?she said "they are not suitable for the nasi lemak"..what an excuse...nasi lemak has was in our malay culture for so long d and peanuts and cucumber were always a part of it..abby must have had came from some other planet thus she feels that peanuts and cucumber shouldn't be in nasi lemak....