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She was Once
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queer feeling
Written at 9:56 PM on Tuesday, July 3, 2007 0 comment(s)

came back from basketball at around 8....after basketball,tummy start having weird feeling...den start feeling so weird again..went to toilet den came back to room to rest for around 2 hours...den went to bath den now lying on bed with that queer feeling again...sort of like something is pulling your tummy muscle once in a while..makes you wanna shrink like a prawn...everytime after eating solid food,my tummy starts being like so...if one was to eat porridge for one whole week,mostly white porridge,would it cause your tummy to be so clean you can't eat solid food?well,mostly if people are sick they eat like that too right..after they are back to normal,they still can eat solid food right?well,whole body aching right now,aside from the tummy ache,what do you expect after playing so hard at basketball after not playing for so long?just hope i won't have tummy ache during class tomorrow....if not,haiz....later law sir keep on thinking i trying to escape from class...feel so tired now but i still have law homework to do....hmphh....
"what are the difference between private and public nuisance?"