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She was Once
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4 more days to go
Written at 4:30 AM on Saturday, August 4, 2007 0 comment(s)

4 more days till my AS results come out...i kinda don't really have faith in my results...i think i might fail something...hopefully,if i do,it will be either econs or business but not law...this is because the law i took during my AS exam is English legal system and the laws I'll be sitting for for my A2 are contract law and tort law....if i do fail,I'm afraid the burden will be too big for me to carry..having to study all three laws together...how i wish i only have to sit for law instead of having to take all three papers-economics,business studies and law...haiz....don't really get it..i don't see the relationship between economics and business with law....maybe if we only choose one subject,the management might be afraid if we decided not to take LLB anymore,our A-Levels qualification will be useless....well,let's just pray for the best....my friend said just now that after taking results on Friday,she wanna go shopping...but i think after taking results,i probably won't have the mood to shop anymore....my friends,abby,chen hueh and jasmine went to the PC fair in KL today...i asked them to get me an external hard disk and when i connect the hard disk to my laptop,my laptop couldn't detect the hardware..well,if it works properly,this hard disk is a good deal but if it doesn't work,i would have wasted 200++ on this hard disk....well,all in all,just hope for the best and pray hard..