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She was Once
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awake and tired
Written at 3:21 AM on Monday, August 6, 2007 0 comment(s)

just woke up and yet i still feel so tired...i didn't set my alarm at this time and even when it didn't rang,i have totally no idea why I'm awake...i really still feel like sleeping and yet i cant...so i decided to take a bathe and have a peek of my porridge..hmm..not bad....ohhh ya..i wanted to thank carly for making me pasta just now...even tho i do like the gravy more than the pasta....much more prefer the pasta my mum made which i haven't eaten in such a long time....well,i will be going back this Saturday for 2 weeks and hopefully,my mum will make it....well,i miss the lasagna from pizza hut....haven't eaten pizza for a very long time...i should stop craving for food d...later it'll only make me feel hungry....right now,I'm kinda worried bout my luggage to be taken back home...i can only bring back 15 kg of stuff and that would include my books:

  1. a contract book
  2. q & a of contract law
  3. tort text book
  4. tort's casebook-2
  5. tort's q & a
  6. business textbook
  7. economics text book

and all my other rubbish which i wanna bring back for my family-junk food mainly...haha!!!can't wait to finish a-levels to get rid of all my books....worried for myself and my results...AS and A-Levels...even tho i have not sat for the A-Levels paper but the thought of failing send shivers down my spine...well,a friend of mine wrote in her msn that "if u know how powerful your thoughts are,you will never think of a negative thought"...well,even if i do know how powerful my thoughts are but the foreseeability of failing grades really makes me scared....well,shouldn't worry bout that yet....guess all i can do is just study till i go crazy and go sit for the exam...haha!!