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She was Once
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class at 8
Written at 4:42 AM on Wednesday, August 8, 2007 0 comment(s)

class will be at 8 tomorrow,thus i still have a couple more hours to spare...just read a little of my misrep and mistake....feeling so lazy...even if i do study,i don't think so i can fit in any more cases in my head...i really worry bout the day after tomorrow and people beside me keep on reminding me...results will be out at 10 according to a friend of most of the science class students....really worried...if my results stink like shit,I'll probably have no mood to do anything at all....last time,i don't know how many years ago,there was a suicide case of an Indian girl...she finish sitting for her spm paper and results will be out in a few more days,she decided to suicide and i think she left a piece of note which i have forgotten what was written there...i guess she just couldn't take the pressure....during that time,i thought she was just stupid(no offence to her,don't haunt me) because results will be out soon and she had finished her papers ade..so why is it that she decide to suicide?well,till now i still do think that she's a little silly but at least i do understand why she did it d....don't worry,i guess I'm not those suicidal type...if i suicide then i won't be able to pass my 21st birthday and i won't be able to feel tormented by having a working life and i won't be able to know the feeling of not having money and i won't be able to let my mummy and daddy go for trips to many many places d right??but sometimes,many types of pressure will let you feel like it's better off dying....well,up until now,i guess this would be the most pressured i felt probably cause i'm usually very easy-going....even when my spm results come out,i was like,don't matter...because for my AS,i really did try my best and i have had given all my best....probably the only time,i'm really serious at an exam...well,there comes a time in one's life where she finds it necessary to be serious in life....hmm,either growing more matured or more "kolot" d....haha!!!either way,really gotta find ways to lighten up or i really will drown myself feeling pressured..haha!!!ok....wanna go study for my misrep and mistake d..if not,i'll pull stephy down with my stupidness and laziness...hopefully,i'll be able to remember all that i've studied today...at least i'm in the same gang as stephy and carly...stephy is really smart and carly is really smart with US cases which my sir says doesn't involve us taking the Cambridge paper because it's from UK...haha!!!well,at least she's smart too....maybe i should be the one in charge of the buzzer..haha!!just keep on pressing....den both of them answer....