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She was Once
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disappointing yet unexpected day
Written at 4:05 AM on Friday, August 10, 2007 0 comment(s)

as most of you guys know,i took my results yesterday morning(9th August 2007),well,would have had blogged bout it sooner if only my connection was up....well,would have put up my results if i had been happy bout the results...well,i did badly...would have cried if only i could....well,the day before yesterday(8th August 2007),me and my friends went to GIANT to get some groceries for yesterday's dinner....would put up the photo of the dinner as soon as possible...well,we cooked quite a lot of food...a soup,fish,chicken,veggies,rice,barli,and wheat grass...we decided to cook because we wanted to celebrate(for those who did well in their results and comfort ourselves(for me,mainly)...I'm glad to have such good friends who's always there to comfort me....and I'm glad i could be of help when they were feeling down.....we went to a friend's apartment(jess) at 1 something to cooked the soup(it's a slow cooker,OK?)...then we cut all the veggies and chicken and marinate them....then after that we sat down and play poker cards at 4 something then we suddenly decide to have a change of activity and think really hard for an activity(it's Nilai ok?)...then we decided to go to GIANT again..only this time,we didn't bought anything except for ice-cream....then we decided to head back at around 6 and we started to cooked...everything went well and we cleaned all the dishes...rice,veggies and all.....then my sifu(stephy) cut oranges and then after finish eating,we went into Jess's room to hear some songs and watch some cartoons...after that around 9 something,Wilson came then we decided to go out for yam cha and as usual...we got lost...AGAIN....Jess paid with her TnG and when we went the wrong way,she was like,"ahh!my TnG a....no money d.."haha!!!well,that's not the funniest part...the first mistake we made was when Jess was dreaming and brought us to dono what road instead of the Seri Kembangan road...then after that,the second mistake we made was when i asked whether U-Turn or not and Jess bf,Kai Yang(not sure of the spelling) answered,"ya!"...well,when i turned,everyone in the car was like,"wei! wei!Turn back la....wrong d la"..well,i went too far down the U-Turn to turn back d...so we went back to the same toll and paid the same amount of money..AGAIN....and we took another U-Turn to make the right way to go to the yam cha place without U-Turn'ing' and by doing so,we paid when we passed through ANOTHER toll...haha!Jess lost all appetite and was "mood-less".....as Carly had said before "buy an experience" but this experience is really expensive...so we calculated the toll fees and each of us has to fork in RM 3 each...Kai Yang,Jess,Carly,Wilson and me....then after yam cha,we went back...Jess said to follow the KLIA road and the driver,Wilson,don't know why,decided to bring us the other way and we had to waste toll money again(RM 3 included d)...well,it's ok la...considering that our dinner only cost each of us RM 5....Stephy,Carly,Jess,Kai Yang and me...after that we went for pool till we played really bad(as usual when feeling tired)...then we came back to hostel lo...eventful day right?well,I felt much better after talking to my dad bout my results...at least i didn't got scolded but I know he must have had felt disappointed....sorry,Dad!Mock Exam will be here in two weeks time...haiz...worry worry gain....so many books to bring back.....must be very heavy....there a guy which i despise so much for telling me a lie who keep on annoying me...hateful!hopefully,he'll realize one day that he did a mistake by lying to me...as the saying goes "honesty is the best policy"...if only he realized and said sorry...to me,sorry is a very powerful word...

sorry daddy and mummy,for being such a disappointment