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She was Once
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last paper for MOCK
Written at 9:59 AM on Wednesday, August 29, 2007 0 comment(s)

today,I'll be sitting for my last paper for MOCK,my LAW paper...i gotta do SIX question and i think I have 12 to choose from if i'm not wrong...My law is not really strong right now because for my MOCK and my A2,my law paper consists of CONTRACT and TORT law....do you know how thick this two reference book add up will be?i woke up around 8 and i slept for only 3 hours..GAWD,i feel so TIRED...might sleep back around 11 or 12,if not,I might feel so sleepy in the examination hall,I might fall asleep instead of doing my law paper...thank GOD MOCK is over after today but I still have A2 to "look forward" to...gonna hibernate for few days because i feel like my whole body ache like hell and i feel so tired...probably look haggard now.....well,i would like to tell Carly,thanks a bunch for looking out for me these few days...IF i get to go into degree and IF we get to go to UK,i'll pei u go watch your football ok?haha!don't worry,I'll come again after the holidays..ngek!ngek!ngek!*evil laughter*