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She was Once
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Written at 3:54 PM on Friday, August 31, 2007 0 comment(s)

today,as the whole of Malaysian citizen should have known,is MERDEKA!!!so what is everyone doing right now?celebrating this momentous day??well,PIZZA HUT is having a merdeka promotion so for everyone who like PIZZA,do order it..it's really cheap....haha!wonder how pack will all the KTMs and all the road be??probably very right..so that's why none of us would think of going out...smart right us??haha!!well,nothing much to blog bout..it's just that i've currently finish my MOCK so i'm taking a few days break away from books...feel so much relax and not stress like the 3 days during exam..hardly had any sleep and ate so much pizza..haha!!!how long and hard we have strive to earn our independence day!do remember malaysians..though i won't lie that i do hate some system introduced by our government such as the Kuota system..stupid system....well,enjoy this video...