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my plans for tomorrow
Written at 7:03 PM on Saturday, August 25, 2007 0 comment(s)

tomorrow,my flight back home is at 8 15.. but i'll probably be at the airport by 7 15...haiz...a part of me can't wait to be back in INTI because i gotta finish my revision on my Business Studies paper because my MOCK first paper which is on Monday is my Business Studies...well,the lecturer leak that one of the past year paper will be coming out..if he lied to us,I'm so screwed...because to tell the truth,after i found out that our MOCK paper will be from our past year paper,i sort of dump my business book aside....thus,i have had only finish only half of the text book on business..so,i really hope my lecturer wasn't kidding around when he said that because if he is,I so totally know which car belongs to him...haha!well,i've studied my law a few times d...but i really couldn't recall much cases i studied...SH*T...what the **** happened...i got so stressed and pressured last night that i was practically crying the whole night through...and then i had a slight fever and when i woke up this morning,even though my fever's gone,my eyes looked like i just came out of a boxing match..would've posted the photo up if only it wasn't that horrible looking...well,if I do screw up my MOCK exam,which practically means I won't be able to enter into LLB for the January intake,i don't know what else I can do...well,Malaysia's buildings are quite tall and i think jumping down from the fourth floor might also do the trick d..considering so many suicide cases had already happened in INTI...(it's true,i'm not lying)...so kids,for your own safety,really..don't and i repeat DON'T come to INTI...haha!besides my holiday coming to an end quite soon,the ghost month is also coming to an end d...haiz...wish me luck for my MOCK on MONDAY,TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY...

*if anything was to happened to Mr.Chen's car,I had totally nothing to do with it*