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She was Once
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spontaneous trip
Written at 5:24 AM on Sunday, August 5, 2007 0 comment(s)

this morning,a friend of mine messaged me and told me that he will be visiting so we decided to meet up...den we decided to go to mid valley after meeting up and we had quite a bit of fun...first,the whole car of us(only 3 of us) didn't know the way to mid valley,so we ended up going round and round mid valley for like an hour ++...After that,since we knew we were lost,we asked around for directions...we asked a toll guy which kinda pointed us to the wrong direction or maybe he didn't but we maybe it's because we didn't really followed his directions...well,after that we got even more lost...so when we were stopping at a traffic light,i decided to roll down my window and tried to attract another car's attention to asked for directions....but at least this time,the guy pointed us to the right direction but the driver must be a bad navigator and i don't know why he can't even make a proper U-Turn...den we got lost again...den after that we asked another guard in a housing area and this time,we finally got it right..when i saw mid valley,i felt so relieved...we went there and we ateat Manhattan....can't wait to get rid of the coupons..thanks guys for eating with me...den after that we went and bought something which i had been planning to buy for quite a while but not really feel like buying because it's kinda expensive....
i bought the loreal volume shocking...i tried it on and i really like it..it really does make ur lashes longer....but it's kinda costly....well,den after that we went for the Simpson's movie...we had a good laugh and den after that we went back and upon arriving my hostel block,a friend of mind decided to play basketball and when we were playing basketball,the driver decided to throw the ball at my leg and it kinda turned into a dodge ball game instead....then after that,we accompanied him for his supper in mamak stall den the friend who suggested for us to play basketball suggested that after he eat,we shall go and play pool...we played for a little while and when i came out of the shop,i smelled like cigarette...tomorrow,gotta go wash clothes d....den right now,I'm back in my hostel d...and it's all going to go back to studies d....well,all in all,it has been a very eventful day....hope to have another eventful day after my mock exam....