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She was Once
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stressed...even more..
Written at 2:20 AM on Wednesday, August 15, 2007 0 comment(s)

just now i went and played basketball to release the tension...as most of you know,or didn't know,the side of my house is really near the river...i was throwing the ball and was so excited especially when the ball went in the hoop,well,just 2-3 minutes into the game,the ball went in the hoop for the last time when i threw it an it rolled down the pole and kept rolling with my sister running after it and finally,it went into the river...i thought it would just fall on the bank of the river...when i push the leaves out of my face,i saw the basketball "swimming" with the fishes in the river..saddening...guess that would mean,i would have to add a new item to my wish list..haiz....when i told my mum,she kept shaking her head...so teruk...haiz...must see when the basketball having sales..that day i went in the Royal Sporting House and i saw the Nike basketball which costs RM 119 ++......the price so expensive,i also +_+" like that lo....hehe!nvm nvm...to "an wei" myself,the ball also a little spoil d(i think)..when I pump the ball with air,the ball will kembang den after a while,it "lembik balik" d.....hehe!anyone has any means of getting me a basketball?no need shy shy wo....