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She was Once
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thought for food
Written at 12:06 AM on Wednesday, August 8, 2007 0 comment(s)

i went out for supper just now with Carly and i said something which i think would be very relevant with what life would be....when i was a little girl,i used to wanna grow up very fast and used to hope that i would be working d...but i think when i get a little older and when i start working,i think i would like to go back studying....haiz....why do humans have such weird thought?why do humans always want what they don't have..will humans never feel content?one day,when the world come to an end...maybe then humans will learn to appreciate what they have lost..only when it is all too late....if only there were more humans like "the jack saw"in our world,maybe then,he will teach all those people who don't appreciate life to be much more thankful for all the weakness and strength in life...*gasps*i might be one of them..i shouldn't sleep tonight....he might come and get me....but he died d in the latest sequel....
malaysian version of the "pig saw"