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She was Once
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where did it come from?
Written at 5:53 AM on Monday, August 6, 2007 0 comment(s)

i had never felt a moment of envy or jealously in my relationships before...never before...till now....i had never know how hurt someone can get in a relationship....thinking back bout all those cheating and lying i have had done in my previous relationships...how much i have had sinned...i never knew the word "hurt"...how hurt could someone get when they found out that their partner had cheated on them?i had never understood why my friends could have cried when they broke up or why they feel hurt when they found out the guy had cheated on them?actually during those times,i would have just said that they were silly...why cry over a silly guy right?there's still a million other fishes in the sea..just swim deeper...tho with the ratio of guys and girls in the world right now,i doubt that everyone will find their perfect partner...it takes me a year and almost 7 months to realize that someone could be hurt in relationship...no wonder marriage counselors could make so much money...well,but I'm a little different kind of person...when i get hurt,my heart would heal easily and then i would learn to not trust that person anymore..slowly by slowly,the door of my heart will slowly close...i have had never had faith with relationships and this time around is no exception as well...i don't think so i could last forever with this guy I'm currently with...but it's kinda sweet if only i could imagine my future with someone i love being with me....well,who knows,i might not get married and i might just end up adopting a kid and naming him "Maddox"....maybe different different colours right..ha ha!!!well,that's all in my future...i might not even have a future....everything does have it's good and bad side right???I'm just thinking ahead with the "what if" attitude what....