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She was Once
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10 years from 2007
Written at 1:45 AM on Saturday, September 29, 2007 0 comment(s)

as most of the people know,every ten years from graduation,a gathering will be held for the sake of getting together with your old classmates and knowing how everyone is doing right then...well,if every ten years,a gathering is held,by 2017,most of us will be 29 years old right,by 2027,most of us will be 39 years old,by 2037,most of us will be 49 years old,2047-59,2057-69 and so on lo...well,maybe in 2017,all of the old classmates will attend...den in 2027,maybe out of 40,37 will attend den in 2037,maybe out of 40,29 will attend,in 2047,maybe out of 40,19 will attend..in 2057,maybe out of 40 only ten will attend....why is there a sudden drop in the number of people attending?maybe by then,most of us will die d...maybe i will be amongst those who die early...u know la..to live till very old nowadays,one have to be super healthy and "lucky"....haha!!we shall see,who is the most treasured once....ngek ngek ngek!