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She was Once
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Written at 3:06 PM on Saturday, September 29, 2007 0 comment(s)

i feel so angry and cranky thinking back of all those past things......and i know exactly who to take it irrationally out on....someone i would like to call KX.....fuck u..who do u think u r to give me advice on what i should and should not do with my friends?if i think they are that type of person i have every fucking right to say what i think..this is call freedom of speech....if u r unhappy with what i say den don't listen to it..i can't stop u from listening and i did not stopped u from listening and u should not have had stopped me from talking bout them...i hate him thus i can condemn him in every way i like to..it's not like what i said is fiction or made up...it's just the same for him...if i can condemn him in every way i want and like to..he has every right to say the same thing about me...it's between me and him...if u have a friggin problem with it den go complain to him la...man,i regret not saying all of these to ur face...if it wasn't because i was in ur car and if it wasn't because i was close friend with ur sis,i would've said u there and then...my fire was so big in the car,i wanted so much to get down from the car and walked home....arghh!!!i'm so never gonna tumpang people's car anymore...it really gets on my nerves when something like this happens.....man...i'm even more angry now...God!!!!i'm so cranky nowadays...my time of the month must be coming closer.....i really can't stand having all these anger in me....i wanna find a beach..i need to scream all these anger out...i missed Penang!