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She was Once
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another day with the truth beneath the lies
Written at 9:33 PM on Sunday, September 16, 2007 0 comment(s)

i wanted to let u know so much how angry i was at you but seeing that you were so worried,i decided not to..i took the blame and i put it on myself....i just wish you would be happy with her and thanks for the lies u told me...and up till this particular moment,you still haven't found the guts to tell me the truth...i'm really sick of all this lies and i don't wanna have to keep on posting up post about how pathetic i am to feel sad over what you did...if only you could've start telling me the truth,i wouldn't be so damn pissed off and people wouldn't start asking me whether i am jealous about it...do u find a need to lie to me?your career might come first but what's more iportant is that are you with her?if your answer is another no,den screw you...i don't wanna listen to anymore of your lies.....