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She was Once
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chronology of events in Nurin's case
Written at 6:19 AM on Saturday, September 29, 2007 0 comment(s)

*sources from new straits times*

as Nurin's case took the whole of Malaysia by a storm,with all that the police had done and all the help from the media,one would wonder,what had caused the kidnapped of Nurin?most people would blame the police but is the police really at fault here?would Nurin not disappear had it been that police were on the lookout 24/7?but if i would be able to stand up for the police,i would say that our country couldn't afford to have a police for every family 24/7...police do owe us a duty of care to protect us but their time are also limited and i am sure they have had done everything in their power to protect us *despite the rasuah and a few other weaknesses* parents could be blamed for not taking good care of their kids and well,kids are naughty and some teenagers are way rebellious...well,i guess,no one's to actually be blame but everyone should at the same time just work hard to keep their own child and family safe...besides that,the three girls who ran away from home and hid in the cybercafe are way silly....why can't teenagers see that all their actions have consequences and though sometimes one might think that their parents do not understand them,they should at least try to stand in their parent's shoes and see that their parents sometimes disagree with what we wanna do because they are worried of our safety...

*i wrote this blog with a sour feeling that a girl had been kidnapped,raped and murdered....see,even though i may not be a parent,i fear for the life of my future kids and my siblings back home....the world is no longer safe and was never safe to begin with as crime cases begun way way before i was born....do be careful everyone...take good care of your siblings...God might be with us but God can't keep us safe all the time...we should take good care of ourselves and help each other.....*

Do rest in peace Nurin