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She was Once
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Written at 4:55 PM on Saturday, September 8, 2007 0 comment(s)

i recently found out that i have had a trouble with decisions...i find it very hard to make decisions and when i ask people for decisions and when they don't gimme a straight answer and instead shoot a big round and ask me back,i get really irritated....well,recently i had to make a decision whether to go out with my friends or to FFK them and go to another place instead....and when i finally decide not to go then someone started nagging me...and made me feel so guilty...well,ya,i guess it was my fault for asking them to pei me to Mid Valley only to FFK them and a friend of mine decided to cook ratatouille for us....and started telling me about the expensive ingredients and that made me feel even more guilty and when my guilt level reach a certain level,i'll start to cry..haha!!!as most of you would've known,i'm famous for being a cry-baby...haha!!!well,i cried and that somewhat got the friend who nagged me feeling guilty and then she started feeling angry...=.="

well,here's something from her blog....

Of all the sudden she bursted into tears and shocked me off my feet. I quickly tried to calm her down but tears kept falling off her eyes. In that very moment, I had a mixed feelings of guilt and anger too... why do people cry to solve their problems? It NEVER solves anything.

Of course partly it was my fault for making her so indecisive and cried but CRYING do not solve anything! It will never do! If you're going to squash our plans, you should've think twice before making such impromptu decisions. Always so last minute and all the sudden, and I think this is the second time I really felt so furious. The first was last year and I'm not in the mood to discuss over it. I'm so freaking angry now that I've lost all the mood for anything else, including the Hotlink on Tour outside of my block. I need to chill off.

ok la...i'm so sorry for FFK-ing you la...i really feel so guilty ok....i'm going to do the thing that we wanted to go to Mid Valley to do on Sunday since you say you guys don't wanna pei me go d..well,all in all,i wrote this post just to apologize la...SORRY.....and i didn't mean to cry...i just am that cry baby especially everytime when i know something is my fault....