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She was Once
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how normal can sometimes be uncomfortable?
Written at 7:03 PM on Sunday, September 16, 2007 0 comment(s)

when everyone still stays the same and someone changes,the whole situation would be so different and somehow,one would seems to be able to see that,how normal can sometimes be uncomfortable...sometimes,when someone goes to the other side,you'll miss them,especially if you are very close to them....but when the relationship was already in the past,you would realize that you won't be as sad as those who are in the "are" period...this just is life i guess...wanted to cry and i know crying is pretty normal till someone kept on calling me a cry baby then only i started realising,yuan lai crying isn't all that normal...so,i would try my best to not cry outside...i can only cry when no on is looking....sometimes,keeping in tears could seriously cause depression....