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She was Once
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how violent can someone get?
Written at 5:10 AM on Monday, September 24, 2007 0 comment(s)

have u ever punch someone?i miss the feeling when i get angry and i could just go around punching the person who made me mad.....i think i would eventually turn to violence if things don't go my way...i'm just that kind of a person...though i could be soft sometimes but keeping all the anger inside of me really isn't good for me...sometimes,when i said something and no one listens,i would also get angry,though i think all my friends are respectable person and i respect them just as much as they respect me...just now,when i heard my sis complaining bout an asshole who said such stuffs , i somehow just got so angry...actually,i would turn extremely violent when people touch stuffs about my family and saying stuffs that i do not want to hear...it just bring painful memories back and it hurts so much...well,the purpose of me writing this post is besides the thing with my sis is that,i suddenly remembered something a girl said about my dad when i was in form 3...man,that girl really pissed me off...well,she said something bout my dad cheating people's money and that how horrible my dad is...and she said something about how chinese people always go around looking for pros..well,i remembered the pros sentence exactly because that day someone said something like that in you tube as well...she said,"i know now why your dad never raped his children..it's because there are so much chinese prostitutes around..." i replied her...u said so because ur dad raped u b4 is it?well,u can't blame me..she started it...well,to tell the truth,i never regretted telling her that...and after that,i really couldn't stand her anymore,i stood up and i walk toward her..."don't u fucking say another word about my family!"...but she just kept continuing...i walked up towards her and i wanted so badly to punch her right in the face...well,i didn't and i ended up punching the table beside her which shut her up and which made my hand bruise...and it hurts so bad that time...well,i had two choices during that time...either to cry or not to backed down...well,if it's something i did wrong,i would usually choose to cry but when u get me bubbling...i don't think so even ice water could cool me down...see...i could be soft and hard..haha!i ended up having sore hands for several days and my parents don't even know bout this...there's one thing i really regret not doing..punching her...i might get kicked out of school but i felt so useless not punching her...u might ask me to go punch a punching bag but punching a human flesh and a punching bag is two totally different feel....well,let's see...when else did i get violent...hmm...besides scratching car that is..because i just can't keep count how many cars i've did...well,there was once when i was working and once when a guy touched my boobs and once when a girl called me a bitch..but i just slapped her...OMG...i've called so many people bitches as well..thank god they didn't know..or else.....well,that's about all that i remembered..maybe in future there are still much to go...sometimes,i think the law of our country s not strong enough...i could do lots of bad stuff and still get away with it..my mum once said,"since the law can't help u,u should just help yourself"...

disclaimer:18-sx:too much vulgarity

p/s:will i get sued for saying all these?if i will den i will say all these are just fictions and creation of my own...thus,i shall not post up who that bitch is(though she claim she's an angel in my friendster's list)....i miss my minor days...