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She was Once
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it's 26 inches long!!!
Written at 5:51 PM on Wednesday, September 12, 2007 0 comment(s)

i've keep it for a very long time..taking care of it and feeding it with lots of nutritious food....i'm o glad that it's gotten so long....most girls would squeal at the sight of it...well,what am i talking bout?are you thinking it's something dirty?well,it can be considered dirty once in a while....haha!it's actually nothing much....just my HAIR la...haha!dirty because din't wash hair lo..haha...feed it very long d lo...but still very sad cause my hair not really those healthy types like those in sunsilk advertisement and all lo....will go trim off my split ends soon if got people willing to sponsor me money...anyone?and i don't want Carly to volunteer to trim for me..later not straight one..my hair will look lop sided d...still haven't thought what hair style i wanna do la...this hair style has been with me for so long d....i saw a few hairstyles which look very nice but i won't cut my hair like that because i know it doesn't suit me....well,let me upload those photos...hold on...

someone asked me to curl my hair but u know la...so poor...no money curl it....will still keep on thinking what hairstyle to do..any GOOD ideas??