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She was Once
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the last months of a happy relationship
Written at 1:13 AM on Wednesday, September 26, 2007 0 comment(s)

just came back from YC(yam cha) with most of my course mates...as A-levels will be coming to an end soon and with the finals just around the corner,i have a mix feeling of being anxious and at the same time it's saddening that most of us will be going our own way after the graduation party and i doubt that i will be able to meet up with all of them at the same time again..it's sad how close we've gotten ever since a year and almost a half ago....when i came to college in May 2006,i hardly knew any of them...i've got a weakness of being close to people around me all the time and when graduation is here,i would most certainly never fail to cry...this reminds me of an episode from south park where the chef said that god created a lot of things for us just to take it away from us...chef said this was because god wanted so badly to see us suffer and cry....an example chef gave was that in order to make a baby cry,i would need to give her a lollipop because if i don't give her anything to begin with then that would mean that she would have nothing to cry over....i know it would be a sickening joke but somehow,i felt life is somewhat like that..if u guys believe that god is the one who gave us all of these happiness,why would s/he wanna take it all away?does this mean that god really did wanted to make us sad?well,as a conclusion,what i wanted to say was that i had a good day with my friends during yam cha and though we won't be able to do all that that often anymore,i still really treasure the friendship and may all of us pass our results with flying colours....may all of u succeed in ur path and may all of u achieve your dream ambition.....

here's a dedication of poem to all of my coursemates:

friends for life...
We have come such a long way in the time that we've known each other.
We've given each other encouragement and have accomplished things that we thought we could never do.
I have become a better person since knowing you.
You have given me many things which I will treasure for a lifetime...
And the most important thing of all,
is the gift of your friendship.