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She was Once
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my 100th post!
Written at 10:57 PM on Sunday, September 9, 2007 0 comment(s)

I don't know if I should be pleased or embarrassed, but either way, this will be my 100th post. Already. Boy, I sure do post a lot. What can I say? I have poor self-control when it comes to "expressing" myself! lol! In "honor" of my 100th post, I'm going to do a list of "100 Things About Me".But I have to say...coming up with 100 things about myself is harder than I thought it'd be. (Who knew I would ever struggle for words?) So I guess I'll get to it and see if I come up with enough stuff to fill all the slots...here goes...brace yourselves....
  1. My name is Lim Su-Quinn
  2. I'm the first daughter and the second offspring in the family
  3. I've had lots of pets before
  4. Currently,my favourite pet would be my dog
  5. His name is Stitch
  6. He only has one ball
  7. I'm currently studying in Inti International College Malaysia
  8. I have great friends
  9. I love my family
  10. I hate liars,backstabbers and girls who act like bitches
  11. I have had eaten iguanas before
  12. I have had eaten snails before
  13. I have had eaten cockroaches before
  14. I have had eaten grasshoppers before
  15. I have had eaten spiders before
  16. I have had eaten the ambrio of a duck before
  17. I have had eaten a snake before
  18. I hate it when i disappoint someone i love
  19. I practically tell the truth to people even though it might not be what they want to hear and that might have hurt their feelings
  20. I'm a chatterbox
  21. I practically love every type of animal
  22. I laugh and talk loudly
  23. I love colourful stuffs
  24. I love fluffy and soft stuff
  25. I love the colour pink
  26. I used to lie to get whatever I want
  27. I cry easily
  28. I'm really bad controlling my anger
  29. When I explode,no one can stop me
  30. I collect anything soft and fluffy
  31. My curiosity level is really high
  32. I have a terribly, horribly hard time forgiving someone if I feel they've betrayed me, I'm still working on that
  33. I hate to be a burden to anyone
  34. I love to eat sweet stuffs
  35. I hate bitter stuffs
  36. I love my mom's cooking
  37. I'm a junkie
  38. My dream ambition is to be a lawyer
  39. I'm right-handed
  40. I have black eyes
  41. I love babies and can't wait to have my own
  42. I make friends easily
  43. I can pick things up with my toes, and throw them
  44. I love drinking hot cocoa with whipped cream while sitting by the fireplace with just the glow of the fire
  45. I've learned that no matter how bad something may look, give it time, nothing stays the same forever
  46. I love my cell phones
  47. I love technology
  48. I love peeking into people's lives here in Blogland, it fascinates me
    I had no concept of racism until I was in the 3rd grade.
  49. I hate that my innocence had to end
  50. I feel touched easily
  51. I love to snuggle up with my loved ones and fall asleep in their arms
  52. I love cooking
  53. I love it when people enjoy the food i cooked
  54. I hate it when people hate me for no reason
  55. I wouldn't mind spending my friends once in a while
  56. I love it when i receive presents
  57. I love it when my friends are glad to have me as their friends
  58. I hate it when people annoy me when I'm feeling annoyed
  59. I love annoying people
  60. I love music
  61. I love blogging
  62. I love friendster
  63. I don't like it when people spread rumours about me
  64. I hate it when people frame me
  65. I hate to explain myself
  66. I love being good to people who are good to me
  67. I love being mean to people i dislike
  68. I hate to hate people
  69. I love my hometown
  70. I look for something good in everyone
  71. I hate window shopping
  72. I'm a materialistic girl
  73. I won't deny it when someone say something bad bout me which is true
  74. I love getting back at people who have had hurt me
  75. I'm playful when i'm having good mood
  76. Even when I don't look fierce,when I say "no",I really mean it
  77. I slapped someone before for saying something bout me which isn't true
  78. I'm very evil sometimes though I may look innocent
  79. I've twisted a guy's hand before for touching me
  80. I hate guys who don't have respect for girls
  81. I love smiling to people I see
  82. I love crying when I'm down
  83. I love it when I feel happy
  84. I hate it when anything happens to anyone close to me
  85. I had never TP anyone's house,car or bike before
  86. I carry a pen knife around to scratch people's car when they've done something I hate
  87. I love eating
  88. I once set a teacher's bike on fire and was never caught
  89. I don't vandalize public property
  90. I enjoy looking at pretty girls
  91. I enjoy critisizing bitches
  92. I wanna get a teacup poodle one day
  93. My favourite quote is "beauty is a curse on the world"
  94. I hate it when things don't go my way
  95. I'm a great party planner
  96. I love cold weather
  97. I love to make up
  98. I love buying make up
  99. I hate not being rich
  100. I've finally finish my last 100 things about me!