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She was Once
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random thoughts
Written at 12:59 PM on Tuesday, September 18, 2007 0 comment(s)

i've been giving it some thought after watching Sex in The City....well,u know right how everyone is always saying sex before marriage is not good...well,i've been thinking...why is it that everyone keep telling us that but they never did tell us the reason and i've been thinking..id that is so,if next time i'm to have a baby girl,should i just tell her that sex before marriage is bad and not the reason...as humans,i do not deny that we are curious creatures and if one was to tell me that something is bad and not have the reason,won't i be more curious to find out why?why is it that they do not have sex-ed in school like those western schools...besides making the role of parents easier,won't it teach the students more about why they should be careful with sex?i think,in my opinion,our parents keep teeling us that sex before marriage is bad probably because

well,i think when my baby girl has her first boy friend,only then shall i proceed on to explain the danger of sex to her...though i do envy my friends who did not make full use of a condom and now is happily married to her husband....i think her baby is almost 3 years old now...she was pregnant when i was in form 4...hmm,sometimes,i get so fed up with books,i tell myself,maybe i should just stop studying and get married...haha!though when that time come,i might be wishing for something else..humans are never satisfied..that is why opportunity cost will always exist.....