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She was Once
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something felt so wrong
Written at 9:12 PM on Wednesday, September 12, 2007 0 comment(s)

right now,i've got a weird feeling...something felt so wrong....i don't know what's wrong but it's just that something felt so wrong...i wonder is everything back home ok?i'm so worried...i hate going so far away from home to study..i can't keep an eye on things back home....and i hate having a feeling like this..i'm so unsure about whether whatever i feel will come true...it could be that i'm thinking too much but it could be true as well....everytime when i feel something is not right....my chest will feel so tight and i'll have difficulty breathing..how nice if i have eyes which can tell me whatever i want to know....can't wait for holidays to begin so that i can get back home....actually,despite having an ambition,i still somehow feel not right to be staying so far away from home to study...actually,i sometimes sort of have a feeling that i just wanna finish up my a-levels and just stay at home....just work my ass off...as long as i can keep an eye out for things back home....