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She was Once
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transfer of sickness?
Written at 12:20 AM on Thursday, September 27, 2007 0 comment(s)

i started coughing about 2-3 weeks ago...when i was almost getting better,everyone started coughing which was most obvious when we were in class this afternoon...it was raining so heavily,i was having a hard time listening to Mr.Yee's lectures and besides that,everyone in class was coughing so badly....well,after a while of coughing,i guess Jasmine got annoyed at the loud coughing on mine and she turned back at stared at me fiercely...woooo...scared scared....but i really didn't wanted to leh...after that,when we were walking back from class,it was still raining but no worries..i didn't get wet...i was very careful not to get wet as my health is so fragile at this moment with all the coughing and sore throats from coughing and bleeding gum....unlike a friend of mine,who was so weak and having sore throats and coughing and skipping so many classes because of her sore throat,she still wanted to go under the rain because she didn't wanted to walk the long way...lazy bum bum....^-^ well,i pulled her so that she won't get wet or not later she complain to her mum that i din take care of her again....well,after coming back to the room,i felt so tired because i did not slept last night and i slept only to keep waking up because i was coughing so hard and felt feverish and i think i slept for around 5 hours...hehe!it was supposed to be an afternoon NAP ....hehe!!! *shy shy* well,i'm awake d now and i don't think so i'll be able to sleep tonight...or i might be able to....considering how piggy i could be at times...i envy Carly and Stephy and all those people who are staying so near,they'll be able to go back home tomorrow.... *envy envy*