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She was Once
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the trip
Written at 1:46 PM on Tuesday, September 11, 2007 0 comment(s)

i looked trough my handphone photos and i saw a foto which carly me and wilson snapped the last time we went to Mid Valley to watch the Simpsons...i like this photo so much..hehe!!!i look so CUTE.....haha....cute right??haha...gonna snap lots more photo because A-levels will be over soon...everyone will be going their own way again d..gonna be like form 5 all over again...haha...well...i recently just found out that to enter into Leeds University,one need a pretty good results from their A-Levels...i think i might not be able to make it into Leeds anymore d...haiz....dono what to do....worries worries..getting older and older day by day....