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She was Once
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twisted happy day
Written at 3:18 AM on Sunday, September 16, 2007 0 comment(s)

today,i went to Mid Valley with Carly,Jess,Kai Yang and Wilson....when we went,we watch a movie-Fracture,then i went for my stuffs and that celaka guy wasn't working again even though i've already called him and he said that he was working...argh!spoiled my day d...den after that we went to Chili's for lunch..well,i had a good time with all of them despite the horrible service from the waiter and the waitresses....after that,i went to SaSa to get my something and after that went to Top Shop to buy stockings...after that,we went to have dinner with Jess's family and later,we went to hang out in Jess's house for a few hours den dinner....what a full day...after that we send Jess and Kai Yang back to the apartment den went for pool...during pool,quarrel with Carly because i say she kept helping people to shoot the ball into the hole...well,i was just kidding den she got angry d...well,at that point,i was really tired d...den really don feel like quarreling with her...after that,someone called me but i was in the middle of the game so i said later i'll call her back....den after that,she send me a message which says that one of my friends got into an accident and she might not make it through tomorrow...she asked me whether i'm back home or not?i really wanna go back and visit her but i really can't make it back...i hate it so much...how come most of my friends either die of accident or illness?people's life are getting shorter and shorter...so i played my last game of pool and sat down....totally moodless...felt like crying there and then but too many people around d...so i came back and called my friend...she said that my accident friend hasn't woke up since the accident this morning and she kept crying...hopefully,she'll make it through....fuck that lorry driver..i hate it when people drive without patience....just now when i drove to Mid Valley,I met a lot of inconsiderate driver...i wonder how those people got their licence?