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She was Once
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Written at 2:01 PM on Saturday, September 29, 2007 0 comment(s)

to move on with a happy life,one must learn how to forgive and forget....i still haven't forgive someone who's going on with his life happily and though he had not forgotten me,but he have had forgotten how hurtful he had left me feeling at that time....for most people,their first love would be most memorable one as it was the first time one fall in love but for me,every relationship i had been in had been very true...it could be that i was true at that time but it faded as time goes by but it was still true at that time...i truely believe in karma(i think)...for every relationship that i had been in and hurt the person in the relationship with me,i believe,that for every relationship that i really wanted to be in,i would be hurt again...but once again,love is also a game and to some,it might be sacred....love might be a game to me but that doesn't mean that i do not play it seriously...in fact,i think my life revolves around love....i think,up till now,i've been in more relationship than the number of years ive been and will be in the world....i really appreciate the relationship i am in now,in fact,i feel truly blessed to have someone who loves me these much and willing to sacrifice so much for me..but sometimes,i still have my "what ifs" and my "how comes".....is it true that one would never be satisfied with what they have till it's gone?i just need to forget and forgive my past....but sometimes even when one try her very best to forget,the past will somehow just creeps up on her....well,i wanna wish him a happy life and maybe someday when i'm able to forgive you,then i'll give you a call....till then,i wish you all the best... *through grited teeth*