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She was Once
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why do i blogged so much?
Written at 4:07 AM on Monday, September 17, 2007 0 comment(s)

a friend of mine kept asking me,why do i blogged so much...i think i blogged so much is probably because i kept having so much nonsense on my mind and that i needed desperately to get them off my mind so i blogged them out to asked for opinions on my thoughts but to no avail at most time as my c-box is always very out dated as hardly anyone left anything on them...sometimes when i see something and i feel the urge to voice them out and yet,i can't voice them out in the open sometimes,(if not i might be like namewee and gotta move out of the country)so i voice out my opinions in my blog...well,actually most of all,I'm just a chatterbox and so kepo,i just gotta blog about everything...besides that,just wanna share my ups and downs with anyone who might have some interest in them...sometimes,when u feel so sad,you might think that the best thing to do is to get a night out with your girlfriends to drown out the sorrow at a pub,but for me,when i feel really down,i would very much prefer to be in my room with a box full of tissues and write out my emotions....i cry easily,this i shall not deny,but i cry for particular reasons every time...i do not cry to get what i want..i cry when i feel guilty,sad,pity,even when I'm happy....see...how terribly wrong my emotions are....but i feel so much happier to be able to cry to my heart's content rather then not being able to cry and keep it in all the time...how saddening would that be?