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She was Once
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1 down,6 more to go!
Written at 11:00 AM on Wednesday, October 17, 2007 0 comment(s)

i just finished my Business Studies Paper 1,woo hoo!finished it quite fast....makes me kinda worry....i'm such a worry wart...hehe!yesterday,i went to bed at 10 and i laid there for a few hours till 5 and finally fall asleep at 5 15...woke up at 6 and ate my breakfast and went for exam at 7 45....exam started at 8 15 and finished at 9 30 and went for breakfast with the girls..i din eat la...see,i'm not such a pig after all....yesterday,had such a fitz with my bf....i feel that he totally don't understand me and he didn't even take any initiative to understand me....maybe he did but i just couldn't see it.....hmmm...miss our sweet moments..we've been arguing a lot lately..probably because i'm stressed out and probably cause my hormones are totally not steady nowadays...later,i'll be having bread as lunch and dinner as i opened up a can of tuna and still haven't finish it...today,i'll be going to bed early as well... *hopefully* my slow cooker is cooking sugar cane....it's cooling....really..tomorrow,i'll be drinking "6 bi teng" *hokkien* if translated to english it would mean, six smell soup...haha....probably cause it has 6 different types of herbs in it..well,shall blog again later if anything comes up...now,i just wanna rest for a little while...tired much....