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She was Once
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3 down,4 more to go
Written at 1:55 AM on Friday, October 26, 2007 0 comment(s)

I'm so glad that i finally finished a subject after 4 days of torment....today,after exam,I've been slacking the whole day and i decided to give it a rest for a day and not touch any books...tomorrow,i'll be going to the library because of my overdue books..eeks....another day close to the farewell of A-levels and another day closer to the "break-up" with my friends...they wanna dump me d...well,yesterday,a friend of mine called me and we chatted for a little while..because the line keep breaking....stupid Hotlink...well,a friend of mine,SI,she said something bout my friend,CC...SI spread a rumour that CC like another friend of mine,JC...I don't wanna get in the middle thus i decided not to take sides but i'm a really straight person and i would say what i wanna say because i don't wanna keep it in my heart...besides,none of my friends what so ever read my blog cause no one cares for me... *sob sob* well,JC is a student of my mum and he's super rich smart kind cute and all..kinda like the perfect guy but sometimes guy are just....GUYS....well,that's not the point....i mean,as a friend,i wouldn't hope that both CC and SI would not have 'cold war'..or anything that would make their friendship worst...they've been close friends ever since they were younger because both of them stay really near and they both have the same surname...but i think it is wrong for SI to spread a rumour like this because true friends should be there to help each other instead of stabbing each other behind their backs...well,maybe the rumours might not be true because i don't really know the head and the tail of the story but on the whole,i get a summary which consists of SI spreading a rumour bout CC...i really hope they would've sort this out and hopefully what i heard is not true...maybe,it was all just a misunderstanding....You guys should have known how much i hate for a friendship to break..it takes a lot to keep a friendship alive and after all these years,i think a small thing like this is not worth breaking up your friendship....