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She was Once
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adapting or change of heart?
Written at 2:55 PM on Saturday, October 20, 2007 0 comment(s)

i just found out last night that my boyf's sister broke up with her boyf and i guess she's feeling sad...well,who wouldn't apart from "you-know-who"...that's why i sometimes find it difficult to dedicate my whole heart into a relationship....i'm afraid of being hurt and torn apart....my boyf's sister's boyf came down to KL to further his studies and i found out that they broke up because there's a third party....i guess people do change in new surroundings...hmm,what would i do if i was in her situation....i've never been dump and then begging to go back into the relationship...i never wanted to be in a relationship twice because once,it's gone,then it's gone...you would never have back the same feeling even though you might claim that you do...that's why,i never wanted to depend on guys....some guys are over-the-top great guys but i never seem to b able to hook on any of them...might be because i'm too picky but you can't blame me right?it's your other half....when a person gets in too many relationships,people might call them sluts but for me,being in too many relationship doesn't mean you are a slut,it just means that you wanna try on the relationship before you proceed into another level....for example,every time you buy a shirt,you would make sure that you like it then only will you buy right?it's the same in relationships...don't tell me,one would just settle for what your parents pick for you?ok...off the topic d....so,what i wanted to say was,even though you have been hurt,doesn't mean you should give up?don't because of a tree,you give up the whole forest....and,don't,don't think bout getting back into the relationship even if he wants too..you gotta keep in mind that,he'd done it once,who could be sure that he won't do it again....i hate to drag when i'm in a relationship...that's why i hate it when guys will act like he's in love with you and act like nothing when your outside..shit la....don't let the person who hurt you once,have another chance to hurt you again...you gotta be strong and learn how to deal with it...people have already move on,why are you still sulking over what's in the past?

P/S:dedicated to all broken hearted of the world...hehe!