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She was Once
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Written at 11:41 PM on Thursday, October 4, 2007 0 comment(s)

as you can see,I've added a diclaimer on my right hand side column....why is that so?hmm,a friend of mine,let's just call him Wilson,he missed call me twice *btw,i hate it a lot when people miss call me...just call or msg k?don't be a prick* just to make sure i read:
Message 1
Quinn, *notice how he called me Quinn..he only does that when he wants something from me* I read ur blog on abt violence.in ur opinion how far does one has d rights 2 seek payback 2 d culprit...mentally & physically?

Message 2
basically i need 2 seek justice & vengence against a stupid lec chef...2mr..i know u understand these matters 1 rite? *hurt much* i nid ur views..plz
My Reply
whatever you wanna do to him,it's wrong..i won't encourage you to go do crimes..u might end up in jail :op
and stop miss calling me....I simply hate it...TQ

Message 3
i thought u had off ur hp ma.haha.i knew u would give a positive outlook to it.haha.i oso know u would 4give..but wut would u do 2 4get....

well..what happened after that ain't important...though....i did not agree for him to go do abatement...how kind am i....hehe..so that's how the disclaimer came about....