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She was Once
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the doctor revive him
Written at 5:11 AM on Wednesday, October 31, 2007 0 comment(s)

Carly revive my baby and den we went out for dinper=dinner+supper...after that we went for breakfast after hanging out in Abby's room for a while...Rainie will be having her exam tomorrow and she say she won't be sleeping tonight/day....her exam is at 8..well,all the best to her....she said she wanted to go on a diet....a yo-yo one...well,she sound determine but we kept asking her not to because it's really unhealthy..the right way to grow thin is to go on a strict diet with exercise...this way,when you grow thin,you won't have unhealthy skin...well,i wish all go well for her....tomorrow,i'll be cooking spaghetti..Yummy...but well,with such scarce resources,my spaghetti will be quite plain...hopefully it won't taste Bla....

P/S:my baby is well and he can run d...all thanks to Carly...thank God a doctor was on duty....