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She was Once
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emo nia
Written at 6:54 PM on Tuesday, October 2, 2007 0 comment(s)

when you thought you had EVERYTHING;
the perfect life with a perfect boyfriend, a perfect family, perfect friendships,
when you thought life was nearly the end,
you keep rethinking all the past times you've been through,
how happy you were,
and trying to get those good memories back,
but you didn't even have that slightest chance,
not even merely a possibility to gain your happiness back.

you just had to lose it.
you still try to smile,
you still try to laugh,
just to show the world that you're okay.

but deep down, are you?
that question deepens your thoughts.
when actually you're not even close to happy,
not even close to smiling,
not even close to anything.
sometimes, it's hard to let go.

but you'd just have to move on.
because in reality, time does not turn back.
it will never happen.
not now , not ever.

just when you thought you had everything,
you're actually losing the biggest part of your life.
no matter if it's love, friends, promises,
or even your trust from a family member ,
you're just gonna lose something most precious.

sometimes, you'd just have to...move on .

if you were me, you would understand.